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Do you have a discord acc? I'm almost done making a fully expanded version of the game I previously made with your rogue knight, but I need help with some pixelart. Would you be interested in it? I already plan to put your name in the credits for making the player character.


I am making a game using these sprites

as placeholders :V

is in spanish


Good luck :)

Great work! I just wanted to ask if you are going to make more directions? AKA left, up and down?

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is it free when i use it in my Game and Release it?



I used your sprite (redrawn and recolored) in my game ! Thank you so much, this helped me tons !


This is

Hey Guys here is my Video game i ve created by using this asset and its ben super perfect awsome 2d platformer story game :) based on real Gladiator SPARTACUS hope you try, have fun and give nice comments 

thank you so much for this great asset dear creator btw 👍


is this really free if i use it on my game?? 

Yes, 100%


We made with a friend a 2d pixel art adventure game using these sprites. It really served us well and looks great. Many thanks to the author.


I've made the demo of the game. Sadly I was unable to add the feature where players can swap between characters but hopefully in the future I can add that in.

Great start , now add enemies :)


Bro this looks freakin amazin! I've got an awesome game idea I'll use with this.I'm going to make a game where you can swap characters between the Knight and Archer Hero, if you make more characters similar to these I'll add them in too!

I'm  glad you liked it, I'm currently planning on making a similar wizard character in the future.


cool :) 

Thanks :}

Hi, just wanted to ask, are the last 10 Frames ( the 2 rows of 5 sprites) part of the dash? Or are they seperate for a purpose?

Also thanks for the amazing work!

yes,those frames are part of the dash animation


Love character moves and look, good for slash, 

You can see in action (video below), 

Will be incorporated in the game later.

Youtube: Oblidat Soul

Playstore: Oblidat Souls

Thank you for sharing.

Im glad you love my work

This is such a nice sprite! I'm using this on my game that I'm currently working on. Is it possible if you could make a wall grab/ledge grab of some sort?


Very useful pixel art. I can say we found what we was exactly looking. I'll take this and i'll put my game. Thank you a lot

You're welcome. Good luck with your game 

this is very good pixel art



no problem

Hey me and my studio will be using all three sprites for our characters in our new 2d platformer rpg thanks for making such amazing love the purple saber

That's amazing, can't wait to see your game

I really like this character however I would suggest editing the run animation to be a bit more seamless, its a little choppy compared to the other animations.  

could you maybe do an animation of him throwing his magic orbs to go with the casting?

Thanks man it's great wwork!

thanks :)

I love your work, waiting for the next upload :)

thanks :)

nice sprites, is possible to add dead animation, climb ladders,crouch,and slide? thank you for share.


the next upload will include dash and death animation, I will try to include crouch and slide animation if things go perfectly

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Can I edit this to suit my needs? I'll use it for devtober :D I'll make sure to credit you of course.

turns out, I can't read xD

Very much appreciated, I can't wait to see your project =)

its really cool, i like it!
I'm waiting for new animations, I hope they come soon.
i want dash,dead and maybe another attack anim.

Thanks, dash and death animation will be included next upload :)

I'm looking forward. i think can you adding hurt anim?.

Really cool sprites